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Allyson has been a working actor in NYC, LA, SF and now Seattle, for roughly 30 years.

She obviously started at a very young age.

Voice and motion capture were a very natural progression from a career in theater and dance and she's grateful for the breadth of opportunities in these fields.


The big beautiful world of voice-over offers a vast and exciting playground for vocal versatility, while creating dynamic movement for characters in games such as Destiny and Halo has allowed her to play everything from a snarky, one-legged mechanic, to a baby-carrying, four-armed Eliksni. 

Never content to focus on a single endeavor, Allyson is also an educator, an author of science-based children's books, an empowerment coach, and a co-creator of HIV/AIDS education and support groups for children and young adults. 


She earned her BA in Cultural Anthropology and Theater with a minor in Education, at Vassar College and an MA in Counselling Psychology from USM. 



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