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Allyson has been a working actor for more than 25 years…She obviously started at a young age.

A very, very young age.


Dance was her first love, and from about the time that she could tie her own laces, she trained in any and every style available to her.

It was through dance the she was introduced to the stage. Once her feet hit the boards and someone finally confirmed that left was right, and right was left (these terms had always seemed arbitrary to her), she knew that she was home. 


Never content to focus on a singular subject or theme, Allyson attained her BA in Cultural Anthropology, Theater History and Education at Vassar College and Oxford University. For good measure, she later earned an MA in Psychology. 


Not generally considered the path to riches, Allyson has balanced her theatrical endeavors with work as a science teacher, author, empowerment coach, and co-creator of an HIV/AIDS education and support group for children and young adults. She may have also worked in a fancy restaurant or two. The latter of these endeavors afforded her, not only cash money, but the necessary tools to be a proper wine snob. A skill set that pairs nicely with an artistic disposition. 


At about the same time that playing Shakespearean ingenues seemed to be a bit of a, shall we say… stretch; Allyson discovered the big beautiful world of voice-over and performance capture. These industries have afforded her versatility and opportunity beyond her wildest dreams; and that makes this lil’ actress incredibly happy. 

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